15 Years and Counting. Cold-Case Murder Investigation Continues

WDTN-TV Dayton provides an update on the case and how you can help bring justice to the murderers and solve the crime. City of Dayton Police Officer Kevin Brame was shot and killed in the front yard of his estranged wife's home on Nov. 1, 1999.

15 Years and Counting.

Dayton Police Chief Pleads For Justice Of Slain Officer

Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl pleads for assistance in solving the murder of Dayton Police Officer Kevin Brame. Brame was ambushed in front of his childrens' home, shot, and killed on November 1, 1999. The case remains unsolved and your help is needed.

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In Memory of Dayton Police Officer Kevin Brame

Dayton Police Officer Kevin Brame courageously protected and served the community he lived in, the same streets that took his life on November 1, 1999. The case remains unsolved and the killer is still at large. Learn more about Kevin's life and the lives he touched.

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Catch Up on the Latest News and Case Updates

View news and information relating to the murder case. Everything past and present is archived here, including press releases, case updates, media coverage, blogs, and multimedia.

Latest Updates
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Local TV affiliates in the Dayton have covered the unsolved murder case of officer Kevin Brame for the past 15 years.  Working with local print, television, and radio, the family of officer Brame and law enforcement agencies use media coverage to bring awareness to the case and help encourage people to come forward with information. See the latest coverage by following the link.

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Mother With a Mission

$100,000 Reward! Rosemary Peters Brame, mother of Dayton Police Officer Kevin Brame, has a personal message for the community at-large and law enforcement agencies both locally and nationally. Officer Brame protected others, and now it's time the Dayton community protects justice. Please read her open letter to the public.

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$100,000 Reward!

$100,000 Reward! Law enforcement agencies and organizations involved in the case of officer Kevin Brame are seeking your help! Any information, even information that may seem trivial, can provide the missing link in solving this murder. If your tips lead to the arrest or conviction of person(s) involved in the death of officer Brame, you may receive a cash reward of up to $100,000!

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Letter Help us get the attention of America's Most Wanted TV to bring attention to this unsolved murder. If we cannot even apprehend cop killers, how can any of us feel safe? Follow our link and e-mail the producers, voicing your strong support of our cold case and the national attention it deserves. You may also call AMW at +1 800.CRIME.TV

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About Justice For Kevin

ON NOVEMBER 1, 1999, Dayton police officer Kevin Brame was shot and killed by a coward approaching from behind in the front yard of his estranged wife's home. Officer Brame was off-duty -- but armed with his service pistol -- and returning his kids from a birthday celebration for their grandfather. After 11 years, the killer is still at large and walking the streets waiting to harm others. When those risking their lives every day to protect us are victims of murder, no one in our community is safe.

JusticeForKevinBrame.com is organized by the family and friends of Kevin, in cooperation with the Dayton Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to collate facts of the case, news articles, and information about Kevin's life to help bring justice to the killer(s). No killing is without witnesses. People talk. With your help and support, we WILL solve this Cold Case.

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