Nov 1

WDTN Interview on 8th Anniversary

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Local Dayton affiliate WDTN-TV anchors Mark Allan and Michelle Kingsfield begin this segment by reporter Chelby Kosto. She interviews Kevin’s parents at the annual prayer vigil held for their son and other victims of violence. Ms. Kosto reminds viewers they could be $100,000 richer if they provide information leading to the conviction of Officer Brame’s killer.

Republished with permission from WDTN-TV Dayton.

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ON NOVEMBER 1, 1999, Dayton police officer Kevin Brame was shot and killed by a coward approaching from behind in the front yard of his estranged wife's home. Officer Brame was off-duty -- but armed with his service pistol -- and returning his kids from a birthday celebration for their grandfather. After 11 years, the killer is still at large and walking the streets waiting to harm others. When those risking their lives every day to protect us are victims of murder, no one in our community is safe. is organized by the family and friends of Kevin, in cooperation with the Dayton Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to collate facts of the case, news articles, and information about Kevin's life to help bring justice to the killer(s). No killing is without witnesses. People talk. With your help and support, we WILL solve this Cold Case.

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