DAYTON DAILY NEWS WARREN LOCAL No leads in police shooting on the tape. Brames’ two children were in bed. Officer dropped off “He just went The neighbor also said he saw kids just before outside and I nothing, but heard the shot. thought I “I was in my house in my room he was shot heard a gun and all of a sudden I just heard this shot. My real loud shot. I came over here and neighbor just I seen him laying down,” the neighBy Lou GRIECO ran over here bor said. Daytun Daily News and my hus. Two minuies before Brame’s call band is outside at 8:58 p.m., a man called 911 from DAYTON – Dayton police officer the the 2300 block of Alpine Way and Kevin Brame had just dropped his Kevin Brame ground.” said his daughter had heard a single children off at his wife’s home when Composed gunshot. he was gunned down, according to when she called, Brame started Brame was pronounced dead at 911 tapes released Thursday by the screaming “Oh my God!” repeatedly the scene. Police have said they are police department. after the dispatcher told her that looking at different theories for Brame, 31, died Monday night help was coming and she should Brame’s killing. after he was shot in the neck in stay on the line. Funeral services for Brame will front of 624 Cherry Drive. A six She repeatedly asked the dis- be held at 1 p.m. Saturday at the year department veteran, Brame patcher if she should go outside. Zion Baptist Church, 1684 Earlham was off duty when he was killed. The dispatcher said no, but Brame Drive. A viewing will be held at the Dayton police said Wednesday asked if she could look out the win- church from 10 a.m. to 1p.m. they had no suspects in the slaying. dow. Brame said she saw what Dayton police sent out a stateNothing had changed by Thursday, looked like “my husband’s white wide teletype informing all law they said. gym shoes.” enforcement agencies wishing to The tapes, of two different 911 Asked about the gunshot, she participate in a cruiser procescalls, reveal that three people, said, “I heard something but I didn’t sional to meet at University of Day. including Brame’s wife, Carla, know what it was. It sounded like a ton Arena parking lot at 9 a.m., heard a single gunshot, but nothing backfire.” according to a memo issued by else. Brame then gave the phone to a police Chief Ronald Lowe, Sr. “My husband is a Dayton cop,” man she identified as a neighbor. > Contact Lou Grieco at 225-2057 Carla Brame can be heard saying He told the dispatcher that the or e-mail him at

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