Awards honor police officers, citizens Several receive Medal OJ V alor.jor bravery in life-risking situations Applause followed every award, bittersweet moment,” she said. Other Medal of Valor winners but the crowd, mostly police officers “Kevin should be here accepting were: and their families, gave two stand this award.” > Officer David Matthews, for ing ovations. The first was for the second standing ovation rescuing two people from a fire July Officer Kevin Brame, who was to came for two officers shot July 7 and 5 at 23 Five Oaks Ave. receive a departmental citation for those who aided them. ► Lt. Philip R. Hanner, for enterhelping curb criminal activity near Michael L. Robinson and Michael ing a á burning building March 22 Otterbein Avenue and Kings Mill A. August were shot after chasing a Court. suspect into 352 Chicahominy Ave. and evacuating it before firefighters Brame was shot to death Nov. 1. Both officers received the Medal of arrived. No one has been arrested in his Valor, given for acts of personal > Officer Sitesa Van Nuys, who slaying. His sister, Kerry, received bravery performed bevond the call was shot April 25, 1998, while the award for her family. of duty, involving a incontestible attempting to serve a domestic vio. “As you can imagine, this is a risk of life. lence warrant at 2245 Emerson Ave. By Lou GRIECO Dastun Daily Nell’s DAYTON — More than 60 law enforcement officers and 12 citizens were honored Tuesday at the Day. ton Police Awards Ceremony.

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