AROUND TOWN ‘A SMALL PROBLEM IN COMMUNICATIONS Blue lights remind us of officers Blue lights will go up in honor of .. TIME TO DANCE, Dayton Officer Jason Grossnickle, “. THE NIGHT AWAY 25, shot and killed in the line of And while we are talking about duty on May 23, 1996 and for Officer police officers, the annual Dayton Steven Whalen, who died in the Policeman’s Ball will be held in the line of duty on March 21, 1991. Coliseum on the Montgomery And at the Kettering home of County Fairgrounds on Saturday Centerville Officer John P. Kala: beginning at 8 p.m. man, 29, who was struck by a car According to the event’s orga- and killed while investigating a nizer. Detective Bert Schuman, the traffic accident on Jan. 12, 1998, rock band TZ5 will perform, along parents John and Paula Kalaman with the Dinasaurs. will have blue lights in the Proceeds from the dance go to a window. number of local charities. Law enforcement families, and it has been my pleasure to emcee strong supporters of police agen the event for more than 20 years. cies across the Valley, are joining the sponsors, members of the those who want to make a state Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 44. ment in support of officers by dec have donated thousands of dollars orating in blue. over the years to help support the Organizers of the project ask K-Station park in West Carrollton that a strand of blue lights be · built in honor of my late mother placed in the front window of you Kathryn. They also have contrib. home, or that a tree decorated with uted generously to programs sup. all blue lights be visible in a win porting the members of the Dale dow. Huffman Class of 2000. The blue lights are meant not The ball is open to the public, only to memorialize those peace and you are invited to come and officers who have died, but they dance the night away, and to meet also thank those officers who con and rubelbows with police officers K, sometimes in aan and their families. The cost is $30 a gerous situations, to insure our couple. For more information, or safety and well being. to purchase tickets, call 836-3028. Reader Pat Brown sends along this gem. “My grandson Trevor Johnson, who is 5 years old, went with his parents to Tennessee to visit his great-grandfather and great grandmother. “Trevor has both of his top front teeth missing, and great-grandpa •Wears a hearing aid. Needless to say they had a little trouble communicating. , “After great-grandpa asked ‘Trevor to repeat something for the third time, Trevor said, ” ‘Grandpa, I think if you took that thing out of your ear you could hear me better.”” NICE TRADITION HAS begun which involves respect for police officers I in the Miami Valley and around the nation who have sac rificed their lives to protect our csafety and security. It is known as Project Blue Light. -!*: This is a simple, yet poignant way to remember the police officers who have died. The latest Dayton police officer to be killed is Kevin Brame, 31, who was shot outside his home on Nov. 1 while off duty. No one has been arrested in the investigation. Dale Hullman wants your ideas. He’d like to hear about your plans for He’d like to hear New Year’s Eve. What is your New Year’s resolution this time around? Do you have any dreams and hopes for the year 2000 which you would like to share? Send along any funny or touch ing stories from the home or the office, a chuckle from your child or student. He also would love to hear any stories you have about Christmas shopping. What is the greatest holiday gift you ever received? Send an e-mail ‘to Dale at or write to him at 45 S. Ludlow St.. Dayton, OH 45402. Phone: 225.2272. Fax: 225.2489.

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