Crime Stoppers Reward increased in officer’s slaying parked his car in the driveway and returned his two small children to their home on Cherry Drive in Day This weekly seues is prepared by Crime Stopper Inc. in cooperation with area law-enforcement agencies in un effort to solve crimes. Funds for rewards come from donations to Crime Stoppels, i nonprofit, chartered organization. This week’s fejtueel me follows: ton. Dayton police’, Crime Stoppers and the Brame family are seeking information into the shooting death of Davton police officer kevin Brame. There is now a $12,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or per: sons responsible for his death. Just after 9 p.11. Nov. 1. Brame Ashe retwined to his vehicle all assailant emerged from bushes near the house and shot him. It is still unknown why he was killed. > Anyone with intormation about thespi sosporn ithollimin is of hirini tucull lm 670 Deri! 222-STOP Trin 1801110cilvoitoll-800) 0537.157.35 it calling long distuin. If the information leads in molte stund indir ment, the colleciniet up to $1.000 Toward the telephone is stiftet, hours a day und collapsrt11.11! Invi, Mous.

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