Officer’s family feels, appreciates community’s love On behalf of the family of Dayton Police Officer Kevin Brame, I would like to thank the greater Dayton community and his fel. low police officers for the wonderful sup. port shown us during the months since his tragic murder. We are so grateful for the continued love and concern shown by prayers, cards and calls. We appreciate the efforts of the many organizations and individuals who have contributed to the reward fund established in an effort to find the person or persons responsible for such a cowardly, despicable act. We pray that their efforts and those of the Dayton Police Department will be successful and that Kevin’s murder will not go unsolved. Kevin was indeed, as the Rev. Raleigh Trammell said in a recent press conference, “a wonderful young man.” He was a wonderful son and brother, full of life and loved by many. He had two young sons who, at this time of the year, normally would be found on the soccer and baseball fields with their dad. Like all of us, he was not perfect, but God was not through with him yet. His life was stolen by one who took upon himself the power that belongs only to the Almighty. Kevin’s death touches us all, not just his family and friends. Every act of violence committed against a fellow citizen, whether known or unknown to us individually, diminishes the quality of life for the community as a whole. But I am encouraged, knowing we are surrounded by so many people of good will who truly care. ROSEMARY PETERS BRAME DAYTON

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