WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2000 Brame slaying remains a puzzle said he would Brame family in the officers will By VaRCUS FRA VALIN Callifter he got while cooled. Ibinull I hili lilli back to his. The community hasn’forgotten DAYTON One year ago today, mother’s the officer’s killing it präver vigil Dayton police Officer Kevin Brame house, Carlat will be held ist i p.m. today on His shot down on his father’s Brame said. collhouse Square’. birthday. The phone “The grief is en more inbell’s Hours before his killer fired in Devet minu lub ble when the person who commitbullet into his neck, Brame had col stead. Untires tell the crime (has) 100 beerlippines. lected his two young sons from his broke the bed hended and convicted,” said Yvonne estranged wife’s Cherry Drivehome, Sherter, organizer of the vigil anir time silence. close friend of the Brune family. Carla Brame later toldalie detector Kevin Brame According to “There can be no healing for Kevin’s Carla Brama’s expert. family and friends inntil they knolli Brame and his boys had visited his account, she heard it noise that she who perpetrated this terrible mother’s house, witnesses said. Af later learned was the shot” that crime,” said Sherrer, the wife of terward, a friend said, the off-duty: killed Brame. The six vill litoralli Diction police Lt. David Sherrer. officer chatted with a friend outside never made it into his car. His life The Brame timily declined com is his sons plaved. Because of mari. ended face-down on the asphalt ment for this urticle, as did Carla tal problems, Brame, 31, had been driveway’. Brame through her attorney, James living with his mother for at least the Police, who have questioned Mrs. R. Groce III. last three weeks of his life. Brame, have not identified a suspect its police investigate iind the liter dropping the boy’s back on n her husband’s slaying. She passed community rigurosses its rics reliCheri” Drive and setting up nen i licctctector test conducted by po. tons remainfrosty between Brume’s video games for them, Brame lett lygrapher hired by her and her at id her at parents and his widow’. about y p.m., Carla Brame said. AS torney, according to court records. Contact Marcus Franklin rit 225;Mrs. Brame prepared to tuck her One year later, his slaying remains 227.101 r-mail bien ut boys, aged 8 and 5, into bed. Brame unsolved and relations between the mucus franklin:

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