Prayer vigil held for slain officer : 150 gather on court house square to plead for information ‘Kevin was a very happy young man, looking forward to beginning a new chapter in his life.’ By AMELIA ROBINSON Tentoon Duilio lies. ROSEMARY BRAME Kevin Brame’s mother ‘ for information. Rosemary Brame described her son as an outgoing and often fearless young man cut down in an unspeakable manner. Brame, 31, was gunned down last Nov. 1 after dropping his sons offat the house of his estranged wife on Cherry Drive. He was off-duty atthe time of his death. No arests have been made in the case. “Kevin was a very happy young man, looking forward to beginning a new chapter in his life, but the devil is busy and always recruiting.” Rosemary Brame said. Yvonne Sherrer, vigil organizer and it close friend of the Brame family, said the event was held to rally the community and is one of several planned events to raise Community awareness. Many people may not realize the slaving remains unsolved, she said. “People in the community must have information,” said Sherrer, the wife of Darton police Lt. David Sherrer S DAYTON If things were dif ferent. Rosemary Brame said her son would have spent at least part of Wednesday on the soccer field with his 1110 Sons or behind a grill. Kevin Brame Instead, 150 of Dayton Po. lice officer Kevin Brame’s friends, Co-workers and family members gathered Wednesday night on Courthouse Square for il praver vigil 10 commemorate the first an niversary of his path and to plead . The vigil included prayer, songs and Scripture readings. There were several police officers in the crowd. One, Sgt. Gary White, said vigils could lead to more information in the case. “It keeps Kevin’s name in the public eye,” he said. “This case is not going away.” > Contact Amelia Robinson at 225-2384 OL- muillet amelia robinson COXUNTO.COM

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