Slain officer’s family still waiting for closure Dayton Police Officer Mary Beall finally has seen justice served. The 76-year sentence received by Raham Twitty for wounding Beall will not alleviate the pain and suffering she and her family have endured. She can, however, rest easier knowing her assailant is paying a severe penalty for his actions and that she will continue to receive valued emotional and financial support from her fellow officers and the community. Dayton Police Officer Kevin Brame was slain on Nov. 1, 1999, but his killer has not been found and brought to justice. His family has not experienced the closure Beall has. It is my hope, however, that the Brame family has received the same generous emotional support from the officers who have been so kind to Beall. I also hope the Dayton Police Department will give due diligence to the solving of this case. Beall was brought back from death three times and given the gift of life. Death took Officer Brame from us and did not allow him to return. Valita F. WILHOITE DAYTON

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