Event raises $1,303 for Brame reward Dayton officer slain in November 1999 BY KELLI WYNN Dayton Daily News unge DAYTON – It’s been three agonizing years for the family of slain Dayton police Officer Kevin Brame, his mother said Monday night as she sat with friends and family at Majestic Lounge. Rosemary Peters-Brame was among several family members who spent some time at the lounge on South Halloway Street, attending a benefit to raise money for the $100,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction in the November 1999 slaying of the 31-year-old, who was off-duty when he was shot outside his wife’s home. No headcount was taken, but lounge owner Dwayne Edwards said the event raised $1,303 for the fund that was increased in December from $25,000. “This is the first time anything has been done in three years,” Brame’s mother said about the event. “And we are so thankful to Dwayne Edwards and Club Majestic. After all this time, it’s nice that somebody cared enough.” The idea for the benefit came after Edwards said Dayton police Maj. Kenton Rainey approached him at a priority board meeting about making a donation. “The various groups that I have had contact with, I have told them about the reward,” Rainey said. “Obviously, more support from the business community would raise the money a lot faster.” Brame’s father, Gerry, said, “I think (Edwards) started the ball rolling. It’s long overdue.” Edwards and the Brames said another benefit may happen around Brame’s birthday on Feb. 21. Anyone with information about the case is asked to contact Sgt. Gary White at 333-1190.

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