Police raid home in Brame inquiry of Brumbaugh Trotwood man says he was accused of being contract killer BY ANTHONY J. GOTTSCHLICH agottschlich@Dayton DailyNews.com called the search the first significant step in the investigation since a cold-case squad was assigned exclusively to the case in May. Brame was fatally shot Nov. 1, 1999, outside the home of his estranged wife, Carla. He had just dropped off their two sons. Detectives declined to say what police sought or seized from the one-story home in the 3800 block of Kevin Brame. He said they handcuffed him and took him to police headquarters, where they grilled him for more than an hour and called him a contract killer. “They took me to the interro gation room and started asking me a whole lot of questions,” McCoy said. “They’re telling me I’m lying, and talking about I killed him for $2,000 … and they had witnesses, people saying I was bragging and boasting about it.” McCoy said he denied killing Brame or having anything to do with the police officer’s slaying. Police ques- tioned but did not arrest C.D. McCoy, a retired auto worker who Kevin Brame Kevin Brame said he had worked with Carla Brame at Delphi Corp. Carla Brame has since moved to Arlington, Texas. McCoy, 55, said police woke him around 6 a.m. and told him they were investigating the killing “I’m not worried about nothing, because I don’t know nothing and I ain’t did nothing,” McCoy said. Huber declined to call McCoy a suspect, but said: “We obviously have accounts from witnesses that don’t coincide with his response. “The facts of the case led us to his house,” he said. “We have others we have to go to now, but he was the one who jumped out the biggest.” TROTWOOD-Dayton police raided a Trotwood home Tuesday, seized property and questioned a resident about the 1999 slaying of Dayton police Officer Kevin Brame. Lt. John Huber, commander of the Central Investigations Bureau, Cou bro BRAME I Police raid “Trotwood home neck in the driveway at his They left around noon. estranged wife’s home on Cherry “We have removed numerous Drive. He was pronounced dead at articles from the house, but right the scene. now I don’t know if those articles Police have not identified a are going to impact our case or suspect. ‘not,” said Sgt. Gary White, a According to an inventory list homicide detective. “I think we provided to McCoy of items seized need to get inside some of the from his home, police took “mis- documents we’ve taken from the cellaneous papers” from several house and some of the other evi- rooms and a box of assorted shoes. dence we have and that may let us know if we’re working toward a suspect.” Detectives Dan Hall and Donna Pack were assigned to the Brame case in May. Anyone with information about Kevin Brame’s death is asked to call Hall at 333-1192 or Pack at 333-1191. Contact Anthony Gottschlich at (513) 932-6728. Brame, 31, was shot once in the

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