Homicide team ‘lives, breathes’ Brame murder mystery Dayton devoting 11 brings extra resources. A BCI The other is retired Dayton forensic scientist, who specializes Dayton officer homicide sergeant Larry Kincaid, in blood splatter and trace evikilled 4 years ago who is donating his time to the investigation. Kincaid knew more staff to inquiry dence, will provide expertise. today Brame’s father, Gerald, when the Another expert will use comtwo were Dayton officers together. Kincaid, who retired in 1989 puter software, not widely used in By Lou GRIECO after 30 years, spent 15 years in CONTINUED FROM A1 Montgomery County before, to Igriccoa DaytonDailyNews.com homicide, as a detective or draw up a three-dimensional versergeant. He was involved in hunDAYTON—Kevin Brame’s last dreds of homicide investigations. where they took evidence seized sion of the crime scene. The weeks fill the office walls. Charts, “We’re not missing anything from a Trotwood home with a detectives will move through that timelines, maps and crime scene now.” Hall said. “We’ve about got a search warrant served Aug. 12. scene as they think Brame’s killer photographs detail what the Day. fulltime homicide unit here work. ton police officer was doing until ing this case.” Around that time, Kincaid or killers did. the moment he was gunned down Brame, 31, was ambushed out joined the team. He offered his “It’s kind of like a big computer side 624 Cherry Drive, the home of services after running into Pack at game,” Beedy said. four years ago his estranged wife. Blasted once in The exhibits, on the computer today. the neck with a shotgun, the off”We’re living duty officer died in the driveway “It seemed like a pretty good and the wall charts, are being and breathing next to his Chevrolet Tracker. challenge to me,” said Kincaid, designed specifically to be used at this case every Brame had just dropped off his –who spends three to five days a trial, where the investigators day.” said children with his wife. Detective Dan “People think, and they say it all week on the case. That Brame was intend to go, Hall said. Beedy Hall. “It’s just the time that time heals all a police officer is a “little added agreed: They will find Brame’s Kevin Brame constantly wounds.” said Brame’s mother. going through Rosemary, who lives on Athens your own that’s been taken.” our heads.” Avenue,”It does not. It does not get “We’re coming,” he said. “You Hall and Detective Donna Pack any easier.” Asked if the Brame case is solv- just don’t know when we’re going have been on special assignment Mrs. Brame said she was heart able, he replied, “They’re all to get there.” since June at the city’s One-Stop ened by the commitment of solvable.” building, working only the Brame resources this year. She has not met Anyone with information about case. Their team recently added the new members, but intends to. Lt. John Huber, commander of Kevin Brame’s slaying is asked to two members. Mrs. Brame said she has continued the Central Investigations Bureau, call 333-1192 or 333-1191. TipOne is Robert M. Beedy, a ta faith in Pack and Hall. The investigators offer few sought assistance from BCI. sters special agent with the Ohio Bureau can also e-mail, details about what they’ve learned. of Criminal Identification and Hall said they are awaiting test Beedy, a retired Springfield lieu- coldcase@cityofdayton.org. or Investigation, who also is assigned results from the Miami Valley tenant who joined the team in call the BCI tip line at (800) to the case fulltime and specializes Regional Crime Lab specializes Regional Crime Laboratory, October, said BCI involvement in cold-case investigations. 282-3784. PLEASE SEE BRAME ON A4 Contact Lou Grieco at 225-2057

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