Chillicothe Gazette Sunday, November 2, 2003 State news Four investigators working full-time on officer’s ’99 killing DAYTON (AP) — Four years One new member of the team here working this case.” after off-duty police officer is Robert Beedy, a special agent Brame, 31, was ambushed outKevin Brame was slain, Dayton with the Ohio Bureau of Crimi- side the home of his estranged homicide detectives are increas- nal Identification and Investiga- wife after dropping off their ing efforts to find the killer. tion, who specializes in cold-case children there. Hit once in the Detectives Dan Hall and investigations. neck with a shotgun, he died in Donna Pack have been on spe- The other is retired Dayton the driveway next to his car. cial assignment since June, homicide Sgt. Larry Kincaid, Investigators offer few details working only the Brame case. who is donating his time. Kin- about what they’ve learned. Hall Their team recently added two caid knew Brame’s father, Ger- said they’re awaiting test remembers. ald, when the two were Dayton sults from the Miami Valley Re”We’re living and breathing officers together. gional Crime Laboratory, where this case every day,” Hall said. “We’re not missing anything they took evidence seized from “It’s just constantly going now,” Hall said. “We’ve about a Trotwood home with a search through our heads.” got a full-time homicide unit warrant in August. – — – – — –

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