A little bit of victory amid so much loss Thom Amahdencom DAYTON DAILY NEWS watch her beloved Flyers and, yet, she still was back in Dayton, grieving her lost son, Kevin. “He would have loved it here,” said Rosemary Peters Brame. “He just loved the water. Back when the three kids were little, I took them to the Downtown YMCA for the Bubble Babies class and they all became good swimmers. And when Kevin was about 8, we went to Virginia Beach. He had this little plastic surf board and he had no fear. He tried heading straight out with the big guys surfing out LUDO Civic Center, where the Dayton face down and alone in the Flyers were making their run driveway. through the Maui Invitational. … Four years later, no one has And though there were cheers and been charged in the crime. joy all around, Rosemary sud The killing of Kevin Brame is a denly grew very quiet and her eyes gnawing mystery that has plagued began to glisten. a city and its police force and She was back to that November numbed a close knit family. night in 1999 when her son – “You know that old, trite saying Dayton police officer Kevin – that time heals all wounds?” Brame had no one watching . Rosemary said. “Well, I can tell over him. He was just leaving the you it’s not true. Time with us only Cherry Drive home of his makes it harder. estranged wife, Carla — he had “Like any mother, I was worried taken their two young sons out to when he was on the job. But I eat and then set up a video game never, ever imagined his life for them in their bedroom – would be taken the way it was. when he was ambushed. Hit in the neck by a shotgun blast, he died SEE ARCHIDEACON ON CA LAHAINA, • Hawall — As soon as she landed in Maui and saw the beaches, the water, the surfers’ waves, she knew she hadn’t made it all the way to Hawaii. Part of her had stayed back home.. She had come thousands of miles across five time zones to MICHAEL CONROY/ASSOCIATED PRESS ROSEMARY PETERS BRAME (center) is joined by her son Kerry, Brame and daughter Karen Brame at the Maui Invitational. Rosemary is the mother of slain Dayton police officer Kevin Brame. hawk.” . She was telling this story as she sat in the stands at the Lahaina UD a small diversion for slain officer’s family came in. In August, police raided a Trot Positive perspective Tournament in Texas several – ..With that in mind, you won: “There he was doing the most most wood home and evidence was i 3 back and innocentofactslooking after his recovered. Later, C.D. McCoy told .. again last March on their post dered what Rosemary thought about today. Thanksgiving Day. children and he was gunned reporters he was questioned but season trip to Spokane, Wash. This down like that. To know someone not arrested. He said he used to would she be giving thanks or time she knew her business parto – could carry out such a crime and 1 work with Brame’s estranged wife. does she feel she’s been forsaken? : ner, Jerry Rieman — He claimed police called him a they run. continue to live their life and not “I’ve got a lot to be thankful for, he DDP, a computer software, data :. and of course, a lot of sadness, too,” have to answer for it is mich an contract killer. He denied it. processing firm in Dayton – was she said. “But I feel I’ve been injustice. It just eats at you. Meanwhile, Carla Brame has coming here with his family. She blessed. I couldn’t have asked for Karen – who with her twin moved to Texas with her two boys. thought it would be good to do the brother, Kerry — accompanied Two months after the slaying, she better children. And we have sup same and coaxed Karen, a teacher their mother to Maui, felt the same: filed lawsuits against the Dayton Sportive, loving friends. at Omega School of Excellence, police chief and the postmaster, “Until someone is caught and Today, as the Brames join the and Kerry, about to go into the punished, you can’t move on.” Riemans for Thanksgiving dinner claiming her mail was being mon film-making business in California, itored and she wasn’t getting the in Maui, · Rosemary said she to join her. . paperwork she needed to collect Pushing for answers embraces a couple of thoughts: “You might have different surher husband’s life insurance. She “I keep reminding myself that roundings, but it’s the same situa. : .. The Brames have done every also sued three insurance compa whoever did this is such an thing in their power to see that tion,” Rosemary admitted. “So the nies about her husband’s benefits abnormal person, and that most of best you can hope for is a couple of e comes. Rosemary lobbied and refuses to allow her kids to see the rest of the world is good. And Mike Turner and now hours of diversion.” Rhine the Brames. it turns out that this act that shows And that’s where the Flyers McLin, the two Dayton mayors who’ The sense of loss, the uncertainly, . the very worst in humanity has also have held office since her 31-year the acrimony, it’s taken Rosemary’s shown me some of the very best. old son’s death. She talked to every More than a trip to the top of the world and ripped it apart.. I’ve gotten letters of support from Haleakala volcano, her visit to the city commissioner, the two police: “Every year on the (Nov. 1) all over.” battleship memorials in Pearl Har. chiefs Dayton has had, community – anniversary of Kevin’s death, Her other thought is about res bor or relaxing time on the beach, Sactivists, investigators, anyone who, 1. there’s been a public vigil,” Rose olution: “I hope it’s not too late. Rosemary has found escape, solace, would listen. She didn’t want her mary said. “This year we didn’t The one glimmer of hope to me is even joy, in the high achool gran son’s case to be forgotten: have one. I just couldn’t face that the truth will come out. I ki Betting of the Lahaina Civic Con She said she finally has found an another one. It’s becoming harder always hope that someone’s con That’s where the Flyers have putoti open ear in new Dayton Police each year.” science finally makes them do the Chief William P. McManus, who a show that has made Dayton fans And that’s when she decided everywhere proud, right thing.” now has a cold case unit workingon in order to get away a little bit **T’ve really enjoyed watching “In the meantime, you cling to the Brame murder. At present, two she’d follow the Flyers to Maui. whatever you can.” them play,” Rosemary said. She Dayton detectives are on the case, talked about how confident the And the past three days, you’ve as is a special agent with the Ohio · Brames a UD family, seen her do just that. As the Flyers Bureau of Criminal Identity and : older players have looked and how worked their way through the she’s enjoyed the emergence of the Investigation and a retired homi. 1; Rosemary — who prepped at – new kids such as Monty Scott. “I tournament field, there was Rose cide sergeant who is donating his Roosevelt — is a 1963 UD grad. . mary in the stands – cheering, like the way the team is playing time, in part because he worked Her sister Margaret Peters is a together.” smiling, sometimes even laughing with one time Dayton cop Gerald 1959 UD grad. And daughter – and her two kids were right As Karen watched her mother Karen got her undergrad degree at Brame, Kevin’s dad. beside her. work her way through the crowd, “To this day. I don’t know who . Dayton followed by a Horace she smiled: “She’s such a lovely For a few hours the past few days, did it, but I don’t think it was Rackham Merit Pellowship to mom. I hope to be like her one day. the Dayton Flyers gave Rosemary work-related,” Rosemary said. Michigan, where she got a master’s what has been so hard to find. She’s loved her kids and taught us “Police went through Kevin’s files – in 1992. right. Stressed all the right things They gave her a little bit of and couldn’t find any case serious : Like her sister, Rosemary is an in life. It’s just so wrong what has victory in the midst of so much enough where someone would avid Flyers basketball fan. She loss. happened.” have retaliated like this. No I followed them to the NCAA Contact Tom Archdeacon at 225-2156 think this was a planned killing.” or tarchdeacon@daytondallynews.com

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