Beloved Son and Brother Devoted Father A Very Special Young Man Officer Kevin B. Brame February 21, 1968 End of Watch November 1, 1999 Dear Kevin, Behind that thin veil that separates, we know that you live on and one sweet day we shall see you again. Until then, our hearts are warmed by the many wonderful memories of you, so you are always near. You are loved and cherished no less now than when you were here with us but, oh, how we miss you — your smile. your joy, and your zest for life. On that awful night when your life was taken so brutally, our lives were forever changed. But on the day of your birth, we give praise to God for blessing us with you and celebrate your life with family and friends. Know that we continue to pray for you and pray that justice, too long denied, will soon be yours. Deeply Loved and Missed, The Family of Kevin Brame and His Many Friends

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