Slain officer’s story on Most Wanted Web site For television show will publicize Brame’s story By Kelli WYNN kuruna Dayton Daily she also said the detectives as- signed to her son’s case, “are com- mitted to solving this crime.” “We do have a good idea of how this all occurred,” Hall said “We think we are on the right track. Most likely all the events (leading up to his death) were planned. If it was done spontane- ously, I would be shocked.” The police are offering a $100,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest and conviction of Brame’s shooter. “I don’t know how anyone can sleep at night, if they had some in- formation on a crime and won’t come forward,” Gerald Brame said. “This was not a crime in the heat of passion,” Rosemary Brame said. “This was planned. People have to talk.” Brame’s story can be viewed at America’s Most Wanted Web site at brief.cfm?id=35783. pal at Fairview Middle School, considered Brame to be a brother and graduated with him in 1986. the showcase was presented to Kevin’s family and friends during a Nov.15 memorial service the high school held in honor of the slain officer. “Kevin’s goal was to be a good cop,” Brame’s father Gerald Branie said. “He was a role model. I’m pleased that the school has selected Kevin as a role model. When they walk by and see his picture, it will encourage them to pursue their dreams.” Rosemary Brame said if her eldest son were alive today, he would tell the Colonel White students, to “live a life of service and make a positive impact on your family and community.” “I think it’s marvelous,” Rose ! mary Brame said about the show’ case. “Kevin enjoyed his years at Colonel White.” Mrs. Brame went on to say that during his time at Colonel White, Kevin played for the school’s Varsity soccer team, worked on the yearbook, played in the band, member of Junior Council of World Affairs, member of Muse Machine, help managed the girls’ softball team, member of the Baseball and Cougar Pep Squad and was on the Varsity swim team. “He was almost universally popular with students and faculty,” Principal Gerry E. Griffith said during the memorial service. “I was amazed at his depth and maturity,” ROTC Major Odell W. Graves said, referring to the conversations he used to have with Brame, then a teenager, in the school’s hallways. “Kevin epitomized the outstanding men and women we are striving to help today.” Contact Kelli Wynn at 225-2414. DAYTON – For years, the family and friends of Dayton Police Officer Kevin Brame have been trying to get the story of his unsolved shooting death on the television show, America’s Most Wanted. “We have been consistently turned down,” Kevin’s mother, KEVIN BRAME, shown here in Rosemary Brame, said. hs senior picture from the Colonel But now, the Fox Saturday White High School Class of 1986, night television show dedicated was killed in 1999. to catching fugitives has decided to publicize Brame’s story on Brame, then 31, had been with its Web site. the police department for six “Any exposure we can get we’ll years. take it,” said Dayton Police De “This was a heinous crime,” tective Dan Hall, who is assigned Rosemary Brame said. “Cruel. to Brame’s case. Very cruel. Left him to die in the Hall said the extra exposure drizzling rain. The people who will increase the percentage, did this heinous crime deserve to “that we will find that one wit be held responsible.” ness that will have the key to un Police have no suspects. lock the door.” In 2003, Brame’s death was The slain officer’s story can be handed over to the police de- viewed on the site’s feature, “Mypartment’s newly formed Cold Story,” which posts stories about Case Unit. criminal cases that are written “We ask the same questions,” from the perspective of the let : said Kevin’s father, Gerald Brame. ter writer, which is often a fam- “We know that the cold case ily member. squad is working diligently on Brame was ambushed outside it. We’re anxious. We need some 624 Cherry Drive, the home of closure to this thing. It’s terrible closure to this thing. It’s terrible his estranged wife, on Nov. 1, impact everyday. We don’t know 1999. if any other family members are Blasted once in the neck with a in danger because they haven’t shotgun, the off-duty officer died caught the person.” in the driveway next to his Chev- “I can’t believe in a city the size rolet Tracker. Brame had just of Dayton, that this murder was dropped off his two sons, ages 5 not solved in a couple of days,” and 8, with his wife. Rosemary Brame said. However, A graduate of Colonel white High School If you asked Nelson Stone to share his high school memories with you, the first thing out of his mouth would probably have to do with Kevin Brame. “Kevin and I doubled dated for the prom. We had the bright idea to dress as Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice,” Nelson Stone said, in between laughs as he looked at a picture of him and Kevin dressed i Kevin dressed in pastel-colored suits during their senior prom at Colonel White High School. Kevin Brame’s prom photos is just one of his many high school pictures that are displayed in a me. morial showcase in his honor in the main hallway of the high school. Stone, 37, an assistant princi-

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