Slain officer’s mother stays vigilant 7 years after death Dayton police count Donna Pack, Dan Hall, and on ‘friendships Patricia Tackett said the box in this case is opened frequently changing’ for a break “It’s a very ongoing and very in the murder case of active case,” Tackett said. Kevin Brame. Pack said she and her colleagues are still getting calls By Kelli Wynn about the Brame’s death, but Staff Writer the cold case remains cool due to lack of cooperation from DAYTON — Every morning some individuals. before Rosemary Brame goes Kevin’s wife, Carla Brame, for into work, she looks up at a ban- one, has not cooperated with ner hanging on her workplace police, the detectives said. and blows a kiss to her son. Kevin and Carla were sepa- Her son, Dayton Police Offi- rated when kevin was slain. cer Kevin Brame, was killed sev- After the shooting. Carla Brame en years ago. His picture is fea moved to Texas with their two tured on banners, buses and sons, the detectives said. bumper stickers throughout the Carla Brame could not be city in an effort to find his killer. reached for comment. “I tell him I love him and that Solving cold cases such as we are not giving up,” Rose Brame’s slaying sometimes mary Brame, 66, said. “ We are involves waiting for relationstill working for you. We will ships to change among those never give up.” people who might know someBrame’s case has turned over thing about the crime. to the Dayton Police Depart “We count on friendships ment’s Cold Case Unit in 2003. changing,” Hall said. When you hear the term cold The detectives believe they case, you could picture a deter have a motive for Brame’s tive retrieving a box that has death, but declined to discuss been sitting on a shell collect it. However, Hall said, “this ing clust, but Dayton Detectives was not spontaneous” and “we have no leads or any indication that any past arests (that ker’ in made) brought on this shooting: Kevin didn’t have any enemies that we know of.” What Hall does know is that there was at least two people involved in the shooting. He declined to claborate. “My heart breaks for Mrs. Brame,” Pack said, adding that she is in constant contact with Kevin’s mother. “I want 10 encourage lier that we’re plugging along. But on the other hand, if I don’t have any positive information, I know she’s disappointed.” Meanwhile, Rosemary Brame has ordered new bumper stickers for her family, the police and others. Unlike most parents’ bumper stickers, which usually start with the words “My child is an honor student at….”, Brame’s reads: “Dayton Police Officer Kevin Brame murdered Nov. 1, 1999.” The purpose is to tell people about a reward — up to $100,000 — for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Brame’s killer.

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