Murder of officer now 7 years cold Kevin Brame’s family asks for help and prays for other crime victims. By Kelli Wynn Staff Writer Prayer vigil tonight What: Season of Prayer for Justice. Brame’s family will join family and friends of victims of crimes in prayer. When: 7 p.m. today. Where: Zion Baptist Church, 1684 Earlham Drive, flyer that the Brame family recently distributed “Kevin was a wonderful son, broth cr and father Kevin Brame Killed in 1999 His life was precious and his loss has been devastating. We thank God for Kevin and pray that justice will soon be his.” The Dayton police cold case squad is pursuing the case. DAYTON — Kevin Brame made his way through the darkness to his Geo Tracker in the driveway of 1624 Cherry Drive. Brame, 31, an off-duty Day. ton police officer, lad just returned his two sons to their mother, his estranged wite Branie appeared to be alone. But someone with a gun came up to Brame. pulled the trigger and ended his lite’. “If he would have had a un in his hand, he would not have been able to defend himself,” Dayton Police Detective Patricia Tackett said. “He didn’t know it was coming. He was blindsided.” Today marks the anniver: sary of Brame’s death, which occurred in 1999. “Il you have overheard a conversation, seen anything suspicious or have any helpful information at all about Kevin’s murder, we ask that you do the right thing,” Kevin’s mother, Rosemary Brame’, wrote in a Police say at least 2 involved Article on A9 Video online Kevin Brame’s family members share thoughts on the slain Dayton police officer’s linsolved murder. Dayton

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