Brame slaying still unsolved DALE HUFFMAN COMMENTARY It has now been 10 years since Dayton police officer Kevin Brame at was ambushed, shot and killed outside the home of his estranged while on Cherry Drive in Dayton View. “Time has moved by quickly,” said his still grieving mother, Rosemary Peters Brame. “But the slow part has been the investigation. We still are waiting and praying for justice in the murder of my son.” She added, “The hurt just deepens.” Ollicer Brame was 31 years old on Nov. 1, 1999, when he was shot from behind – blasted in the neck with a shot gun and collapsed in the asphalt driveway at 624 Cherry Drive. It was close to 9p.m., and Brame was off duty when the attack occurred. He had just returned his two sons, Tony, who then was 8 years old, and Dominick, then 5, home to the care of their mother, Carla Brame. Police investigators believe that an unknown assailant, or assailants, emerged from a row of tall hedges and surprised Brame with the attack before he had a chance to defend himself. Brame’s death came on the birthday of his father, Gerald Brame, a retired Dayton police officer. Once again this year, as they have for every year in the past decade, the family and friends of Kevin Brame will gather on the anniversary of his death to pray together. According to Officer Brame’s mother, the event will be 4 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 1, at Zion Baptist Church, 1684 Earlham Drive, Dayton. She said, “We are calling it ‘A Call for Peace in Our Community,’ and we will honor and pray for our Kevin and for the many victims of violence that has pervaded our community.” Rosemary Brame added, “If we continue to pray and to keep these matters in Kevin Brame the public eye, then eventually we feel the cowards who planned and committed this horrific crime will one day be arrested and will face the justice system.” According to Daylon police investigators, Carla Brame moved to Texas with her two sons after the crime 10 years ago. There is a cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Officer Brame’s murder. Anyone with information can call Dayton detectives at (937) 333-1190 or Crime Stoppers at (937) 222STOP (7867). Dale Huffman wants your suggestions and story ideas. He’d like to share a story about you, your family, or a friend. This column is for you. Send email to huffmann Dayton DailyNews .com or write to Dale at 1611 S. Main St. Dayton, OH 45409. Fax: (937).2252489. Phone: (937) 225-2272.

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