DAYTON DAILY NEWS | MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2010 | A5 Parents, officers at annual vigil for slain cop Kevin Brame was killed 11 years ago; ‘Where is the outrage?’ mom asks. By Randy Tucker Staff Writer The parents of slain Dayton police Officer Kevin Brame on Sunday lamented apparent apathy in the local community about their son’s slaying 11 years ago and implored anyone with information about the crime to come forward. Gerald Brame and his wife, Rosemary, told an intimate group of family members and police officers gathered for an annual vigil at Zion Baptist Church that “we know” there are people in Dayton who could help investigators solve the case but won’t contact police out of fear of reprisal or misplaced loyalty to street codes that deplore so-called snitches. Rosemary Brame said she still hopes her son’s kill er will be caught, but “this community needs to stand up” for that to happen. “Where is the outrage in our community?” she sighed. “A cop-killer is still free after 11 years.” Dayton police Chief Richard Biehl said despite his department’s diligent pursuit of leads in the case – including a tip from another police chief last year about a possible suspect – little progress has been made in solving the crime. Officer Brame was ambushed and fatally shot in the back while returning his two young boys to their mother’s home in Dayton on Nov. 1, 1999. No suspects have been identified in the case, and no weapon was ever recovered. Biehl echoed Rosemary Brame’s sentiments in his videotaped plea for help in solving the crime that will be posted on a new website – Biehl warned that those – to be launched by the who turn a deaf ear to his Brame family on Nov. 7. pleas for help in the Brame In paraphrasing his case and dozens of other remarks. Biehl said: “For unsolved slayings in the evil to prevail, all you need city only jeopardize their is for good people to do own safety and the safety nothing.” of their neighbors. Biehl recorded the vid- “It’s a sad commentary eo at Brame’s mother’s that Kevin’s death is not request. He said the new unique and not solved,” he website – which would said. “If you can murder allow tipsters to send in a police officer and walk information anonymously – is a tremendous tool, potentially, to solving Kevin’s homicide.” LEFT: Law enforcement officers attend a service on Sunday, Oct. 31, for Dayton police Officer Kevin Brame, 11 years after his unsolved homicide. Family members and officers gathered at Zion Baptist Church to remember Brame and other victims of violence. RIGHT: Rosemary Peters Brame and Gerald Brame, Kevin’s parents, speak at the service, where they also announced a new website,, that will launch Nov. 7. Staff photos by Chris Stewart

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