In Memoriam Officer Kevin Brame 2/21/1968-11/1/1999 End of Watch Gerry Brame 11/1/1940- 2/07/2014 The most devastating loss a parent can experience is losing a child to violence. A single shot from behind by a coward ended our son’s life. When Kevin’s life was taken 15 years ago, he was a victim of pre-meditated murder. He is victimized still by those who could help solve this horrific crime, but who remain silent. Kevin was committed to serving his hometown, and he did for six years. He deserves justice from its citizens. A $100,000 reward is offered for the arrest and conviction of Kevin’s killers, 937-333-COPS. Kevin was a wonderful young man with great promise and a huge heart. His absence is felt every day, but he is remembered always with great love. RIP, Gerry, knowing we will continue to work for a just resolution. Deeply loved and greatly missed, Mom, Kerry and Karen

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